Chicken Curry
bone-in chicken leg simmered with mild curry spices

Beef Curry 
tender beef cubes, potato simmered with mild curry spices

Dal Beef  
chana dal, beef cubes slowly cooked with Indian spices

Tea Leaf Beef  
tender beef cubes and tea leaf simmered with special spices

Lamb Curry 
tender lamb cubes simmered with mild curry spices

Tea Leaf Lamb 
lamb cubes and tea leaf simmered with special spices

Pumpkin Pork Stew  
slow cooked tender pork marinated overnight withBurmese spices and served with kabocha squash

Pork Nugget  
lightly battered tender pork nuggets tossed in chili garlic soy vinaigrette

Fish Curry
Premium tilapia simmered with mild Burmese spices, tomato and cilantro

Coconut shrimp 
Seared jumbo shrimps, wok tossed in coconut lime sauce

Paprika Shrimp
jumbo shrimp simmered in sweet paprika tomato sauce

Egg with Okra (V)
boiled eggs, and okra in tomato tamarind base Burmese curry

Veggie Stew (V) 
eggplant, cauliflower, okra, squash, carrots and potatoes, simmeredwith Burmese spices, tamarind, and lentil.

Eggplant Curry (V) 
special tomato-base sauce cooked with eggplant, okra and cilantro

Tofu Curry (V) 
special tomato-base sauce cooked with tofu and red bell pepper


Coconut Salmon

Grilled salmon dressed with coconut lime sauce

Kauk Swear Thote

Wheat noodles mixed with coconut chicken, shredded cabbage, toasted chip pea powder and onion, garnish with carrot and cilantro. (Vegetarian style available with Golden Tofu)

Golden Tofu Salad

yellow bean curd topped with sweet soy peanut dressing

Oh Noh Kauk Swear

egg noodle, boiled egg in coconut chicken soup​​

Sweet Basil Beef

​​beef tenderloin slices, sweet peppers, onion, wok tossed in sweet basil sauce

Moh Hinga

Catfish, slow cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, lemon grass and simmered with bean base soup. Served with rice vermicelli, boiled egg and crispy peas​​

Green Bean Chicken

sliced chicken breast, crispy green bean sauté in savory sauce

C Jet Kauk Swear (Garlic Noodles with Chicken)
Wheat noodles tossed in seasoned soy garlic, green onion and topped with chicken. Also available with shrimp for $2 extra, or pork for $1 extra

Shaun Kauk Swear (Burmese Style Pad Thai)
Rice noodles mixed with slow cooked chicken, sweet soy sauce, chili bean, crispy onion, spices and topped with peanut and cilantro. Also available with shrimp for $2 extra.

Garlic Noodles (Cali Style)
noodles tossed in soy garlic oil and topped with Parmesan cheese
(chicken or shrimp)

Don Pauk (Biryani)
basmati rice cooked with Indian spices and served with chicken,
(Beef or lamb available for $2 extra)

Bar Ya Jau

crispy lentils and mixed veggies

Bamboo Shoot Pork

Tender pork simmered in Burmese style curry with bamboo shoots

Burmese Fried Rice

white or brown rice sautéed with onion and yellow peas


Indian pancake served with curry sauce or lentil

Sample Platter
assorted crispy treats

Jet Thun Jau
crispy onion wedges

Green Beans
crispy green bean sauté with sweet onion and fish sauce

Mango Chicken
sliced mango & chicken breast, sweet peppers,  and onion with tangy sauce (Also available with Shrimp for $2 extra)

Chayote Chicken
sliced chicken breast , crispy mushroom, baby corn, sweet pepper & chayote sauté with savory sauce

Roasted Pepper Chicken
sliced chicken breast, onion, garlic and dry chilis, sautéed with roasted pepper sauce

Basil fish (S) 
white fish simmered in sweet and spicy paprika basil sauce

Sweet Basil Shrimp
jumbo shrimp, sweet peppers, onion, wok tossed in sweet basil sauce

Home Cooking

Chicken Kebat

Minced chicken saute with Burmese spices, fresh mint, chili, tomato and onion.This dish is spicy, refreshing and aromatic.
Beef, shrimp or Lamb also available.

Tea Leaf Rice Salad

rice, cabbage, peanuts, fried garlic, sesame seed, tomato, with lime tea leaf dressing

Pork or Beef Curry Noodle Soup
(egg or rice noodles)

Samusa Soup (S) ( V) 
samusa, fresh mint, shredded cabbage, onion, cilantro and chili with tamarind sauce in lentil soup

Stir Fry

Nun Gyi Thote

Wide rice noodles mixed with chicken, boiled egg, cabbage, bean powder, onion, cilantro, lime and topped with crispy noodles.
​Served at room temperature.
(Vegetarian style available with Golden Tofu)

La Phat Thote (Tea Leaf Salad)
peanuts, lentils, fried garlic, sesame seed, sunflower seed, tomato, romaine lettuce with lime tea leaf dressing

Gin Thote (Ginger Salad)
shredded cabbage, tomato, lentils, chip pea powder mixed with marinated ginger

Ah Sone Thote (Rainbow Salad)
mixture of noodles, shredded vegetables, boiled potato, minced dry shrimp, bean powder, crisp garlic & shallot

Burmese Chicken Salad
sliced chicken breast, cabbage, onion, fresh chili and cilantro, with sweet lime fish sauce


okra sautéed with sweet onion and fish sauce

Golden Tofu

crispy yellow bean cake

Noodles and Rice

Our Menu


mashed potato, chili, mint & spices in crispy wrap

Vegetable Soup

seasonal vegetables in Burmese spice-base tamarind lentil soup

Burmese Rice Salad

Jasmine rice tossed with  fried garlic & shallot, lentils, peanuts, potatoes, shredded cabbage, chick pea powder, shrimp powder, seasoned with tamarind sauce,